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The Best Of Everything Can Be Yours At IntaBORO

Make time to come and talk with us at intaboro , and find out how you can Become an

  • Owner/Driver


  • Call Taker


  • Dispatcher

with New York’s leading radio group. Talk to our officers. Many have been here for the more than twenty years Ask your questions.


Phone: 718-845-1705 Ex: 3022

88-19 101 Avenue Ozone Park, NY 11416

Fax: 718-845-1691

BASE#: B00477


New Dispatch System



  • You must take and pass a geography test
  • You must be evaluated by the screen committee at intaboro
  • You must have either a valid hack or limo license that has been issued by T.L.C
  • You must have a current, valid chauffers license from one of the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.
  • You must have the vehicle that you intend to use inspected prior to your starting to work
  • Vehicle must be black 2008 or newer
  • Vehicles that are accepted by intaboro are

BMW 700 Series Cadillac Da Ville

Lexus 460 L

Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln MKS

Lincoln MKT

Mercedes R350

Mercedes S500

Mercedes R350

Mercedes S500

Lexus RX 400 H

Toyota Highlander

































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We`re Pround to say that some of those first customers are still with intaBORO more then forty years later. That`s staying power, and in a city with several hundred car services.

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