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Intaboro Is a Transportation Service. We offer professional, reliable, round the clock luxury sedan and package servies for Personal and Corporate In 1967 Lyndon Johnson was President, the first Boeing 747 had not yet been built, a former actor was Governor of California (some things never change!), and Vince Lombardi was coaching in Green Bay.

It was also the year a small group of yellow cab drivers decided to forego the vicissitudes of street hails, and build an Association committed to quality car service and 24/7 attention to a select group of customers.

We're proud to say that some of those first customers are still withintaBORO more than forty years later. That's staying power, and in a city with several hundred car services -- and thousands more which have come and gone -- our longevity is powerful testimony to the consistency of our professional commitment.

Why has intaBORO succeeded for so long when so many others have failed? After all, the executive transportation industry is not brain surgery. In a word, Pride. Pride of ownership. Pride of commitment. Pride in attending to the details of every ride, every hour of every day.

Thank you, our clients and customers, for putting the pride of intaBORO to work for you these last four decades. We will always do our utmost to make the next forty years even better. 


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Now entering its 43rd year of continuous operation, intaBORO has proudly provided New York’s commercial centers with professional, reliable, ‘round the clock luxury sedan and package delivery service. During that time the Black Car industry, which we helped to found forty-odd years ago, has undergone major changes: economic booms, recessions, blackouts, ever-increasing regulation, and technological advances which are expensive to implement, but much more costly to ignore. We have seen all the changes (even anticipated some of them), and throughout the years have maintained our Founding Commitment: to consistently deliver the most discretely transparent car service possible to our clientele.


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We`re Pround to say that some of those first customers are still with intaBORO more then forty years later. That`s staying power, and in a city with several hundred car services.

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